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There are a lot of great things about the band BTS. On the one hand they have great music, but they’re performances are really good too.

I like how they have such a timeless style. When are young but they have a sense of charm and sophistication to their fashion. I especially like when they where they’re simple suits.

What can the fans wear? Well, we’ve got plenty of merchandise. One of my favorite things is my BTS notebook. I use it all the time to take notes. IT’s great that I can take it with me practically everywhere I go and it’s like I take BTS songs with me! This is the great thing about getting a band’s merchandise. Even though they are halfway across the world in South Korea I can still have them with me. When I’m at school they can keep me company. When I go home, they are there to cheer me up.

The notebook I got is one from Redbubble which has all the members on it. It’s a really nice picture of them from one of their album covers. I like to see them all together more than seeing them individually. I mean, I like them as individuals, but I like seeing them as a group more. I noticed that most of my BTS merchandise features them as a group in the picture.

I have some BTS stickers and practically all of them have the whole band. I didn’t do this on purpose, but I noticed it later when I was looking at all the BTS merchandise in my room.

The BTS poster I have on my door also has all of them. It’s nice to see their smiling faces as soon as I wake up. It a bright red background with all the Bangtan Boys leaning forward and smiling at me in the morning. It’s my favorite poster, but it’s starting to get a little worn since it’s on the door. I open and close my door at lot so I guess the wind from that has made the poster pull on the tape I stuck it up there with. If you do get a BTS poster, I would recommend putting it somewhere with less traffic like a wall you don’t go near and no one will run into. I still keep mine on my door because that’s where I’ll see if best, but it’s just something to keep in mind. I could move my bed so that I could put my favorite posters on the wall opposite of it and it won’t get messed up. That’s something I could do in the future. Someone suggested that I put the poster on the seeing since I like to see it when I wake up. But, I have that popcorn style ceiling and nothing will stick o it. I know you can get rid of it, but I don’t want to just get rid of it above my bed, and I don’t want to do the whole ceiling. It just seems like to be of a project for me right now and I think it would be a better use of time and money to just buy another poster! They don’t cost that much. I don’t think I’ve ever seen one for more than $25 dollars and that was for a really big poster. It’s probably too big for most people anyway. So, buying a couple of spare posters is definitely smarter than redoing your whole bedroom if your poster happens to be subject to more wear and tear than you like.

I have another poster across from the door so that I can see it as soon as I walk in. That’s another really good location and it doesn’t get messed up as much. I can see my BTS stuff I got from as soon as I go into my room!

The one danger about getting your posters ripped and messed up is that you may not always be able to get the same one again. The store you bought it at may have new posters and other merchandise, but they may not have the one you wanted or are looking to replace.

One thing you could try is to go to a site like Zazzle are make it yourself. You need a high res image so that it won’t look good. It actually has to be a certain resolution or they won’t even make it for you. I guess they don’t want people trying to force using blurry images and then complaining about it being blurry.

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