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Getting A Grip On SEO: How To Rank Your Site With Lasting Results

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is one of the most influential factors for your online education business. After all, if people don’t see your site, they can’t visit it, right? Here’s how to get a quick grip on your SEO efforts.

Pick Great Keywords

Keywords are one of the most important, but often overlooked elements of good SEO. You may think you have a great idea for a website, until you do a little keyword research and discover the topic is highly competitive or conversely, something people simply aren’t interested in anymore. Choose great keywords and use them properly, such as in your URL, titles and tags relevant to Keystone, FL or Clearwater. There’s more on their Diigo and Academia sites.

Provide Outstanding Content

There was a time when Google would rank a site that had less than acceptable content, such as a lot of spun content or articles that weren’t related to the subject matter of the site like the Military Home Educators Network. Those days are long gone. Currently, the search engines can identify exceptional content, and they also know what’s garbage, too. The spiders they send out to crawl your site will know if your content is useful and engaging or spun and senseless. Good SEO depends on outstanding content.

Have A Clean, Fast Loading Site

Your site should look good and feature muted, but appealing colors. The layout should be clean and the entire site easy to navigate. It should also perform on any type of device, meaning it’s “responsive” like this page: Google says that most people won’t stay on a site if it takes more than a mere 3 seconds to load, either, so if you’re not fast, you’re not ranking on YouTube!


Link, Link And Link Some More!

One major factor with educating people about SEO is the number of links you have incoming and outgoing, and also the quality of those links. You need to connect to other relevant sites, preferably those with authority (, but you also want sites connecting to you, which demonstrates to Google and other search engines that your Tampa site has authority and value itself. Don’t rely on link schemes or sales, despite them being the quickest way to accumulate connections; blackhat tactics are not going to earn you any long-term positions at the top of the search engine results page.

Update Your Site Often

A well-built site, filled with awesome content may rank nicely for a while, but if it’s neglected, it will likely tank after long. Part of your effective SEO education strategy must, therefore, include updating your site regularly like they do at Helmut Hampton Tampa. Add new articles, graphs, videos and links, and be sure to respond to any comments there are.

Connect Your Site On Social Media

Search engines place a lot of value on social media connections; thus, you need to establish yourself in Oahu or Tampa on the various social media platforms and connect all the accounts to your website. This means you can post all your updated content to social media and that customers and readers can share what they like from your site with others, via their own social media accounts.

Getting a grip on SEO may take a while, but your results will be worth it. Put the effort in to create a site worth showing off and the search engines should take care of the rest for you.

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Oahu Hawaii High School Football Video

Here’s our high school football video. Enjoy!


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For the remainder of the 2013-2014 School Year,

Second Monday of each month from 6:45 PM – 9:00 PM.
No children other than not-yet-on-the-move or nursing babies are allowed in the meetings.

Meeting Schedule

6:45 – 7:00 is social time which includes the opportunity to mingle with other homeschooling parents as well as to sign up for planned events such as field trips.
7:00 – 9:00 is organized time that opens with a devotion presented by a member and announcements of upcoming events.  Guest speakers and topics of interest are featured during the meetings.

After the Meeting

Assistance with room clean up is always appreciated.

With or without children, please refrain from socializing in the rooms after the meetings so the rooms can be prepared for check-out with Forest City.  Fortunately, because we love to chat, Hawaii weather generally makes plenty of outside, after-meeting socializing possible.

Meeting Location Addresses

Always verify meeting location for next meeting as it is likely to change from month to month.

1.Mcgrew Point Community Center:  471 McGrew Loop, Aiea, HI 96701
2.Navy Exchange (Upstairs Lanai):  The Mall at Pearl Harbor, 4725 Bougainville Dr, Honolulu, HI 96818
3.Pearl City Peninsula Community Center:  100 Lehua Avenue, Pearl City , HI   96782
4.AMR Community Center Theatre Room:  Bougainville Loup, Honolulu, HI  NO FOOD OR DRINK
Prospective members are encouraged to test the waters by attending a meeting before joining.

Next Meeting:

MONDAY, April 14, 2014 6:45 PM

AMR Community Center Theatre Room

Joy in this Journey
Come be encouraged and prayed for!

Watch a DVD titled “Making Brothers and Sisters Friends”

then discuss ways to

Encourage healthy relationships,

Motivate reluctant students,


Alleviate the fatigue & discouragement of burn-out


  • Education Models with lots of samples [Classical, Notebooking, Montessori, Charlotte Mason]
  • Homeschooling the Child with Special Needs
  • Summer opportunities for children
  • SEO presentation by Helmut Hampton
  • Stump the Chump – open forum to ask anything of a panel of homeschooling moms with many years experience
  • Classical Conversations – a homeschooling option in Hawaii and all across the United States
  • Annual Group Standardized Testing – One way to meet Hawaii’s end of year requirements
  • Christmas Social – games and fun (grown up) get-to-know-you time
  • The Big 3: Teaching…Preschool/Multiple children/High school
  • Hot Curriculum Options
  • Planning – End of Year Events Info & Field Trip Ideas for Next Year
  • Small Group Discussions (Topics: Science Curriculum, Monthly Freezer Cooking, Writing, and Scheduling Multiple Ages)
  • Homeschooling Through the Elementary Years
  • Homeschooling High Schoolers
  • Homeschooling Through the Holidays
  • Hawaii State Science Olympiad
  • Getting the School Year Started – Opportunities for MHEN members
  • Homeschool 101

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